Message to the Council from the Estate (K Evans Estate Manager)
Following reported  issues to me around the village, the Estate are dealing with the following:
1.       Trees by phone box – our foresters will kill the ivy on the wall, then when dead they will remove.  The wall then needs some re-pointing work. The conker tree needs some minor tree surgery to lift some branches.  A local resident would like the conifer tree removed, as it sheds berries onto the footpath.  I need conservation consent for this, which takes 6-8 weeks, if they allow we will remove.
2.       Tennis court area – our gardening contractor will tidy this up so the footpath is clear.
3.       20 Lower Harlestone – ivy overhanging the footpath, our gardening contractor will tidy when he does the other works.
4.       Tree and overhanging shrubbery over the wall leading to and by the pub.  This isn’t owned by the Estate

Hi Barry
Is it possible to post something on the website or do an email to residents on behalf of the Estate please?


Allotment available to rent in Upper Harlestone village.

Please contact Katie Evans, 01604 770006.

I would prefer to give local residents the option, before we advertise it to all the surrounding villages.
Many thanks
Katie Evans
01604 772112

Roadside Trees

Dear Barry
I hope you are well.
We have recently undertaken our three yearly survey of all of the Roadside trees across the Estate.  As normal, there are a number of trees located in the villages around Althorp that require works, including in some cases felling.
The trees have been surveyed by Nicholsons, who are our Forestry consultants, and on this occasion they will be undertaking all of the remedial works in December 2016.  Nicholsons are Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors, with a vast amount of experience in Roadside survey and remedial works.
I have informed the conservation officer about any trees which fall within the conservation areas.
I wanted to update the Parish Council, as residents will see the contractors working in various areas over December and some trees do have to be felled.  As we have done in previous years, we will plant replacements where trees have been felled, but this won’t necessarily be in the same location.  We aren’t always able to replant adjacent to the roadside.
We would encourage residents not to plant their own replacements where trees have been felled, as the Estate may have to remove them, for insurance/liability reasons.
If anyone has questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Katie Evans
01604 772112


Visitors to Harlestone Firs are advised that routine thinning and felling operations are taking place from 19th September 2016 for at least three weeks. The operations form part of the Althorp Estate’s long term woodland management plan, agreed with the Forestry Commission. The work involves felling small areas of trees before replanting this winter with native broadleaves. Thinning works involve removing proportions of trees from young plantations, providing more room and light for them to grow.

This work involves the use of forest machinery and members of the public are asked to ensure that they keep well away from all forest operations and to be aware of vehicle movements at all times please.

Any questions should be directed to the Estate Office on 01604 770006.

We are grateful for your co-operation.

The Althorp Estate