• Walls in Upper Harlestone belonging to Estate between Rock Farm and Park House have been cleared.
  • Contractor instructed to spend two days clearing the wall on Church Lane, we will then review
  • Onion Spinney – all tree guards have now been cleared
  • Flytipping – another 5 loads cleared in the last 10 days (majority household & green waste)


Following the minutes from the last Environment meeting, the following have now been completed:

  1. Church Lane – we have removed two limbs overhanging the road, which were dangerous on the left handside.  However, the right hand side does not belong to the Estate, there is a large oak tree which has dropped some limbs historically and there appears to be some dead.  The owner might want to get it checked.
  2. Pheasantry wall – we have cleared the inside of the wall, and removed overhanging vegetation.  There is some ivy which has been cut, when dead it will be pulled off.
  3. Permissive footpath from the Ford to the Golf Course and round to the Church car park has been mown, tidied up.  Please note this is permissive, not an actual right of way.
  4. Willow Paddock – opposite Manor Farm has been topped for Winter.
  5. Harlestone Firs – wind blown trees over the rides have been removed, including on the permissive paths.
  6. Slate pit plantation, Wykes Lane – the cut fence reported by Graham Mortimer has been fixed.  It was cut with wire cutters.
  7. Onion Spinney – Some tree guards have been removed, remainder will be done this week.
  8. Footpath from opposite the Pheasantry, past the Quarry has been topped.  Some of the hedge is enchroaching on the path, the Foresters will clear this.
  9. The Pheasantry wall – stonemason has been instructed to replace the coping stone and repair the driveway section, which is starting to fall.
  10. Wall over bridge by 16 Lower Harlestone – repairs completed.  It has been hit by a vehicle.

We are still waiting for a location for the Yew Tree which Russell Francis mentioned.  Please could someone tell us where it is and the head forester will look it over.

Kind regards


Katie Warden MRICS


28/9/18 – Report

1. Fields behind Park Farmhouse- we have cleared three large boughs of the veteran oak tree which fell over the weekend, and damaged the fence between the house and Ivor’s field. The tree has lost a further three boughs over the last 12 months.  We have instructed our tree surgeon to undertake works to save the tree, which will take place in September.
2. Harlestone Firs – ongoing clearance of windfalls which have fallen, and opening up some of the rides. Clearing of weeds in the newly planted plots to allow new trees to thrive.  We now have a felling licence to fell the plantation on the right on Wykes Lane, where a number of pines have fallen in high winds, two onto the road.  The area will be replanted.
3. Clearing and spraying the main Park Wall and the wall by The Pheasantry- this happens annually and is ongoing throughout the year.
4. Midshires Way- muddy area under gate by Butchers House has been reported to Nick Wedgerow, Rights of Way Officer. He was out yesterday taking a look.
5. Contractors instructed to tidy up the area by the Phone box and opposite 18 Lower Harlestone.  We had instructed our contractor to clear the wall on Port Road, however after going through our archive files, we have found a further conveyance at a later date, where this area was sold to Virginia Cottage.  I have spoken to the owners and advised the wall was cleared by us in error.
6. Large section of wall between the Park and Golf Course which fell down due to bad weather has now been rebuilt by the stonemason.  Another section has fallen over the weekend and will be repaired over the coming months.
7. Copping stone on the Pheasantry wall by the speed camera is being repaired by stone mason shortly, kindly reported by Sam Dobbs.
8. We have cleared £2,500 of flytipping this month from the Harlestone and Nobottle parish. As the rubbish has been tipped on private land, we are responsible for paying to clear. We have another 4 loads to go over the next month, at a cost of in excess of £2,000.