Banking and Online Scams

This is advice from HSBC, but it is valid to any bank and online activity.


Just the other day I had a call from John!! telling me that my internet connection had been breached and that he could fix it. To do so he required  remote access to my PC! Clearly I just laughed and put the phone down. Then used 1572 bt number blocking service to block that phone number.

However please read this


We’ve identified that an increasing number of people are being targeted by a telephone scam in an attempt to steal money via their online banking accounts. We’d like to bring this to your attention and recommend simple steps which you can take to stay safe.

How are people being targeted?
Fraudsters are pretending to call from major organisations and persuading victims to give them remote access to their computers (by directing them to a fraudulent website address or accepting a prompt message). This is being done by, for example, offering to help fix an IT issue or problems caused by a recent high profile data breach.

During the call, the fraudsters typically ask a victim to log on to their online banking service. The remote access may allow the fraudster to transfer funds out of the account themselves. Alternatively, they may persuade the victim to do so.

Variations of this scam include persuading victims to provide other security details such as passcode numbers to authorise transactions or set up new payees.

How do I protect myself from this type of financial crime?

    • Don’t tell anyone your PIN or online banking passwords – even HSBC or the police


    • Don’t share your personal details unless you’re sure who you’re talking to


    • Don’t log on to your online banking service while someone else has access to your computer


    • Be wary of unsolicited approaches by phone claiming to offer a refund


  • Avoid letting someone you don’t know or trust have access to your computer, especially remotely

People rather than banks are being targeted, in part, because online and mobile banking systems are so secure. However, taking these steps will help to protect you and let you continue to enjoy  online and mobile banking services.

source HSBC Bank