Harlestone Signage review by Cllr Bob Hammond.

Dear Cllrs,

Please find attached 3 supporting documents – Click the links to open PDF’s

I am very grateful to Mrs. Jenny Cross for assisting me in the background to the relevance and importance of the Harlestone Heath Signs. Now I understand this fully we simply cannot suggest these be removed.

I recommend the following to Council.

  1. In line with Highways proposals (attached) I recommend to Council new signage is installed to reflect the wider parish. This would include the entrance via Sandy lane and also embrace the new developments on the A428. The signage would state ‘Harlestone’.
  2. Cllr Davies suggested the Upper Harlestone signs remain. I fully support this position.
  3. The paper highlighting 3 options (See PDF from Highways) after careful consideration and consultation as much as I was able to do so (Including contacting the Estate) I propose an amendment to option 3 that the current Harlestone sign be removed BUT replaced with the sign reflecting the Lower Harlestone area of the parish and a further sign positioned near Glebe Lane.

The Chairman is right to make the position very clear as a parish we are one and this is Harlestone, but residents value the Lower Harlestone term and having listened to Cllr Davies when we discussed UP signs as the parish becomes bigger postal deliveries etc need to be clear which part of the wider parish they need to attend. My proposal highlights 3 sections within the parish as:

  • Harlestone (the wider Parish)
  • Upper Harlestone (Signage already in place)
  • Lower Harlestone (Amended signs to be installed.)

Linking all this together would of course be the Harlestone Heath signage.


If approved I can link in with Highways for costings, but in reality listening to the feedback we have had whilst costings are always a factor I see this proposal as a ‘must have’ and we must simply pursue this and seek best value. I can pursue this directly and present to council full costings in due course for final approval but I take the view costings are secondary to the real need for inclusivity and cohesion within the expanding parish.

To do nothing I feel the council will suggest we have not listened to the feedback and I do not see this as something we can ignore.

I notice our daffodils are in full bloom and the Harlestone sign is looking lovely albeit dirty. I seek council’s support in investing the sum of £300 to ensure when the signs are installed with the assistance of the local garden centre the signs can be tastefully decorated with flowers. I will seek to secure a sponsorship investment match with the garden centre in the hope we can ensure all the signs whichever way you arrive in the parish are presented in a smart caring manner and are co-ordinated with types and colours etc.

I accept to invest £300 (which hopefully I will convert to £600) in plants etc at a time when we face huge challenges may seem foolhardy. I take the view if ‘we’ show we care about our parish, those visiting and observing the signage may respect our parish more by driving safely through the village and also ensuring they take their litter with them. The broken windows theory despite being over 50 years old still applies today and I would seek the councils full support in progressing both the new signage and ensuring these are suitably decorated with the support of the local garden centre.

Cllr Bob Hammond

1st April 2017.