INCIDENT AT HVI | Evening of Thu 4 May 2017

INCIDENT AT HVI | Evening of Thu 4 May 2017
Residents of the parish who live near, or who attended Harlestone Village Institute to vote in the NCC Elections will be aware of an incident last night in the HVI car park preventing access to the car park from around 8.50pm till 10pm, and involving a number of police cars and associated activity.
Three hatchback cars containing 6 young men in their late teens were in the car park (not linked to voting). The antisocial use of their cars had drawn attention to them. When challenged, one of the drivers abandoned his car and ran off into Upper Harlestone. This car was subsequently identified as a car stolen from Northampton. A police dog was deployed to track in the vicinity and around an hour later, the driver gave himself in to police officers at the scene. Two men were arrested and removed to the police custody centre and the car was recovered. 
Whilst none of the men live in the village, one used to attend the village school, and it was this local knowledge that brought them to pass the time of day in the HVI car park, where they are not usually challenged. The majority had not been in trouble with the police previously and it would be fair to say that they were surprised or shocked by the size and speed of the police response and the ‘robust’ handling of the matter.
Voting was not affected and the response of those involved was cooperative. Villagers are asked to keep a watchful eye on the HVI Car Park and report any suspicious activity as we don’t want it to become a place used (because of its isolation) for crime or antisocial activity.
With very Best Wishes
Mr. Paul Thomas
Executive Officer/Clerk
Responsible Financial Officer to the Council.