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Please see below information that includes the link for you, family, friends and the community to register with Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert.

Neighbourhood Alert is the messaging service run by Northamptonshire Police and was formerly known as Community Connect.  It has been re-launched under the name Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert and now has greater functionality than previously, allowing our frontline police officers to send alert messages direct from their mobile devices to thousands of local people. They will be able to do this in real-time while they are out and about policing the county.

The alert service is free and simple to activate by registering at and is available to anyone living or working in Northamptonshire.

After signing up to the messaging system, people will receive regular alerts from Northamptonshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, keeping them up to date and informed about crime, and issues relevant to them and the area where they live or work.

Alerts are received either by email, text message or voice message – whichever suits.  People will also be given the option of what they want to receive alerts about, and how often – they will only receive messages about topics they have selected.

Many of our Neighbourhood officers and Response teams have been trained to use the alert system and are now regularly sending out messages to the public, including; crime alerts, missing person alerts, witness appeals and crime prevention advice.

This alert tool provide us with a really effective way to reach the communities we serve, improving the flow of information and therefore making a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and the reduction of anti-social behaviour.

There are already 10,000 local people registered with Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert.

Please visit the website and register.

Also a reminder that our team send out information on the following Twitter accounts which includes more live time information on our daily activities in the Daventry area:

@sgtsamdobbs     (covers Daventry Sector)                     @PcsoCarlBarton    (covers Woodford Halse)

@PcsoKirsten        (covers Daventry Town)                     @hutch472             (covers Daventry Rural North)

@PcsoPaulHarris   (covers Daventry Town)                     @PCSOSangster      (covers Daventry Rural North)

Please also note our new team email address of

The teams are based from Daventry Station and Brixworth.


Daventry District Council Part 2 Local Plan consultation

Daventry District Council

Part 2 Local Plan consultation,

which runs until 26 January 2018

We are keen to encourage as many people as possible to take part

If you are able to help us spread the word by sharing this information within your local communities, on websites/social media and newsletters, that would be greatly appreciated.

People living and working in Daventry District are being encouraged to get involved in an important planning consultation on the future of the area.

Daventry District Council (DDC) is urging people to give their views on the emerging draft Settlements and Countryside Local Plan. This is a significant planning policy document, containing detailed guidance that would help shape local decision-making on future planning issues.

The document also sets out proposals to create ‘green wedges’ on the town’s surrounding areas to protect the nearby villages.

A ‘hierarchy’ for the future development of villages and hamlets in Daventry District. This determines where future development would be both prioritised and restricted.

A new Parish Annex policy to protect a number of important local green spaces suggested by parish councils.

Creating up to 25 additional hectares of employment land in Daventry, including extending Heartlands and Apex business parks and a further site – Daventry South East Gateway. There is a particular focus on buildings for smaller businesses the area needs to thrive.

An update on the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show people, setting out the number of plots and pitches required over the next 12 years to meet the standards set by Government.

Proposals to protect the District’s distinctive landscapes, biodiversity and history, as well as leisure facilities and green spaces.

We would encourage as many residents as possible to look through the document and give their views.

How to take part in the consultation

The consultation on the Emerging Draft Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (Part 2) takes place until 26 January 2018

· View the Draft Plan, consultation documents and all supporting background information or at the Daventry District Council Offices in Lodge Road, Daventry or at local libraries.

· Complete the comments form online at Parish councils are also welcome to nominate Local Green Spaces using a specific form available on the website.

· Hard copies are available upon request from the Local Strategy Service – or call 01327 302559


Super Fast Broad Band / Gigaclear Update

Super Fast Broad Band / Gigaclear Update

  1.  The Superfast Northamptonshire website ‘where and when’ map shows that they have split Lower Harlestone into three areas . The main part of the village (NN7 4EW and others) is part of your commercial roll-out, whereas the two purple areas either side are in-scope and you are to supply with taxpayer funding. Is this correct? If so, will the whole area be able to use your network from the same date? (Presumably you will need the `middle bit` to be connected for the two in-scope areas either side to work?)
We will be building the whole community as one project, regardless of whether premises are funded or not.  We can start providing a service to customers once the Cabinet has been made live and tested.  This can be before the whole of the community has been completed.  So generally speaking, those premises that are closest to the cabinet, so have been built first, will have the opportunity to order a service from us first.  Those that are further away, so have been built last, may have to wait a few more weeks before their connection arrives, is tested and is made ready for service.  Our aim is to make the gap between the physical connection point appearing outside your property (the access pot) and the ready for service date as short as possible.
  1.  Does your agreement with Superfast Northamptonshire mean that all properties within the purple in-scope areas will be able to connect – even harder to reach areas?
Our contract with Northamptonshire is only to connect premises that are classified as NGA White that we have identified through our tender response that we can provide service.  These are properties that do not currently have a Superfast Broadband connection.  In addition to this Gigaclear are also building to other premises (that may already have Superfast Broadband).  In Harlestone, Upper Harlestone and Lower Harslestone we appear to be connecting every property and there does not appear to be any isolated premises that we are not placing a connection to.  Usually the coverage is not 100% but in Harlestone, Upper Harlestone and Lower Harslestone this appears to be the case, but residents should check their premises on our website.
The Superfast Northamptonshire When and Where map is based at postcode level, and not accurate at an individual premise level.  The best way to see if a premise is within our plans is by using the Gigaclear postcode checker (
  1.  Assuming that your answer to 2) above is `yes` – does this extend to the main village area (out of scope of taxpayer funding) too? For example, Glebe Lane (postcode NN7 4ET) is in the out of scope area and therefore within your commercial plans, but is not on the main A428. Will you be laying fibre down this road, and similar offshoots, too? (Note: I understand that residents have to individually link up to your network at their expense, my question relates to your main cabling intentions.)
To provide a service to every property we will need to place a network access pot in the public highway on the edge of each property boundary (usually to one side of a driveway or entrance to the property).  We will be laying duct and dropping pots to every property.  So we will be going down virtually every street to reach every property.
  1.  On the Superfast Northamptonshire website and also on the Gigaclear site, the area in question is labelled Church Brampton (East Midlands) rather than Lower Harlestone. Why is this ?
In our world communities are made up of Cabinets to which we can connect around 450 premises.  In rural areas a cabinet can be used to connect properties across quite a large area encompassing many villages and hamlets.  In your case the cabinet you will be connected to is in Church Brampton.  I realise this is not helpful for knowing whether your particular town, village  or hamlet is in our plans. To help with this Northamptonshire CC have created a table on their website which lists places and allows you to look up the cabinet name for that community:<>
  1.  On your website, the date was stated as ‘by the end of 2019’ and this was changed to 2020 a month ago (I`ve been checking regularly). It has, since our MP`s involvement, changed to 2018. You have said that the previous dates were errors and it has always been 2018. Forgive me for been sceptical about this. Can you re-confirm the 2018 date please – we have been messed about so much over this and seek assurances that , unlike BT, you will not renege on promises or subject us to slippage in your timeline.
I’m not sure why we had these errors on our website.  We are contracted by Northamptonshire to deliver the network by the end of 2018,  and we are still committed to doing this.  We would only be able to extend the delivery period if there were significant obstacles that have prevented our delivery (known as Relief Events).  The build of the Church Brampton cabinet is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of next year (January to March).  A cabinet build takes about 3 to 4 months from beginning to end.  As we get closer to this period we will be publishing more accurate start dates and as the build progresses we will be publishing the expected date for build complete.  Individual properties can go live at any point after the Cabinet has gone live,  so this could be within a couple of months of the build starting.  Residents who register an interest with us will receive notification when their pot is ready for service and they can then place an order.  We will also send mailshots to all properties after they have gone live to tell them that they can now place an order.
  1.  Do you need to do a survey, or has this already been done? If it has not been done how can you commit to a timescale?
A survey is carried out at a number of stages in the design process.  We make use of desk-based tools to design the network and identify any Special Engineering Difficulties (e.g. bridges, major road junctions, railway lines, motorways etc.).  In the first instance our surveyors will just look at the Special Engineering Difficulties,  but they will drive the planned route and check that all major obstacles have been picked up by the design team.  Once we have a detailed design this is passed to our contractors and they will verify it with their own survey.  Should any problems be picked up then these will be rectified by the design team.  At the moment we will only publish build start and build complete dates by quarter.  We can start to publish more accurate dates as the build progresses and we have more certainty over the design and challenges we might face.
The Church Bampton cabinet has already reached detailed design stage and is ready to hand over to the contractor. So in the New Year you will start to see activity in the area by the contractor verifying the design.  Build will start later on in the quarter.
  1.  Our enquires show that you will experience a very large take-up from residents once you so `live` and you will be pleased to know that BT are about to lose a lot of business over this. What assurances can you give that you will not increase your prices after we sign up? Is there an agreement with Superfast Northamptonshire over this and, if so, does this agreement extent to the out-of-scope area as well as the two in-scope areas?
Gigaclear operates a single, national pricing policy with 2 schedules of prices; Retail and Wholesale.  Our pricing is clear and simple in that there are no additional usage based monthly costs, no hidden charges, and neither is there a separate line rental charge. Our wholesale prices are set at a percentage discount to our retail prices and our partner Retail Service Provider’s (RSPs) are free to set their own prices.
Gigaclear reviews its products with partners and benchmarks pricing against the major providers annually.  Our terms and conditions state the we may increase prices in January of each year by up to RPI + 2%.  For January 2018 we have decided to not increase residential prices at all, unlike other providers.
  1.  Your email responses (attached) refer to your Marketing Dept who were, on your instruction, to send correspondence to residents to put us in the picture about your plans. However we have received nothing. However Upper Harlestone residents have received mailshots from you promoting the fact that they would soon be able to connect to your network! This is concerning – UH already have SFBB as explained above. I assume this is an error, but please confirm that you are supplying us and NOT UH.
Having checked with the marketing team,  they have been posting out our Introductory Mailshot in waves.  It might be that some residents in Upper Harlestone have received theirs already, but everyone else,  in Harlestone and Lower Harlestone, should receive it within the few weeks.

Historic England are welcoming comments

Historic England are welcoming comments regarding their Neighbourhood Planning Advise Note.
The consultation period ends 15th December 2017
The Advice Note can be found at the following website:
All comments should be addressed to Historic England by Friday 15th December, either by email or post:
Post: Government Advice Team, Historic England, 4th Floor Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill, London, EC4R 2YA
*Members of the Harlestone Parish Council will be meeting on Wed 13th December to formulate their response, if you would like any comments considered in the response, please email the HPC EO/Clerk by 20:00hrs on Tuesday 12th:

proposed diversion of the Bridlepath

This obviously affects walkers, cyclists as well as horse riders please read details below. Meeting Is 2pm tues 24th October Northampton County Golf Club, church Brampton. please email Sam at if you wish to attend so golf club can be made aware of numbers attending

Re: The proposed diversion of the Bridlepath (Long Way in to Harlestone Firs) through Golf Course – You are invited to attend a meeting at Northampton County Golf Club, Golf Lane, Church Brampton, Northampton NN6 8AY
Further to the notice circulated recently please be advised that a meeting has now been scheduled for Tuesday 24th October 2017 at 2pm concerning the re-routing of this bridlepath.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that anyone who will be affected by this should attend so that any concerns can be portrayed to the Golf Club before they submit a diversion application to the local council, hopefully the Golf Club will then understand the views of the local Equine community and main users of the Bridlepath.

PLEASE let any one you can know about this – get them to email me, confirming attendance to so as I can provide The Club with an idea of numbers as they have requested (I believe they will be putting on refreshments!).
My understanding is that we will have access to both paper plans and be able to actually walk / view the proposed diversion route.
Please SHARE SHARE SHARE this on your social media or email to as many people as you can.

Thank You, Sam Stead-Crossland


Terrorist incident in London

Read the pdf message


Dear Community Members,
As you will be aware, the Metropolitan Police have confirmed that a terrorist
attack took place on Friday 15th September on a train at Parsons Green Tube
Station in London. My thoughts, and those of Northamptonshire Police officers
and staff, are with London and those who have been affected by this tragic
The UK threat level has been raised to critical, which means an attack is
imminent – that is the assessment which Northamptonshire Police are
prepared for. I would like to reassure the communities of Northamptonshire
that we have been preparing for such a tragic incident that has now become a
reality. Within Northamptonshire we are providing additional high-visibility
patrols are now in place at key locations across the county.
Your safety
We need your help and support to keep communities in Northamptonshire
safe. You know your neighbourhood and/or workplace and are best placed to
recognise something that is out of place. We ask you to remain vigilant, trust
your instincts and report activity that seems suspicious to the police.
It may be nothing, but if you see or hear anything that could be terroristrelated
trust your instincts and call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.
In an emergency please call Northamptonshire Police on 999.
Reporting hate crime or incidents
In the UK, there has been an increase in hate crime following previous
terrorist attacks in other countries. Northamptonshire Police treat any report
of hate crime seriously. Abuse or violence because of who you are, whether
physical or verbal, is a criminal offence. In no way is it right for someone to be
threatened, abused, assaulted or targeted in any way because of someone
else’s prejudice. If you have been attacked, threatened or have suffered
physical or verbal abuse because of who you are, or have witnessed a hate
crime or incident take place, please report it to Northamptonshire Police on
101 or via the online reporting site True Vision (
Protecting people from harm Follow us on Twitter
You can also report incidents to your local council or reporting centres
available in Northamptonshire, or Crime stoppers anonymously on 0800
If we can be of further support to you or your community, please contact your
local Safer Community Teams or Community Engagement Team, DC Rachel
Packman ( and PC Christian
Buckenham ( or call 101.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Hillery


Defib Training Reminder

Dear Cllrs
The Rotary Club of Northampton West together with Heartwize are hosting CPR training at Harlestone Village Institute 10th October 2017 at 19.00hrs  
Residents from Harlestone and Church and Chapel Brampton are invited together with the Scouts and Daisy Chain but we are restricted to training 30 but anyone is welcome to attend and see how it is done.
Other training sessions could follow if there is sufficient interest.
Note Harlestone are having 3 defibrillators sited in the village and Church Brampton is having one located in the phone box on the Holdenby Road (Funded by a  legacy from the late Rotarian Trevor Chown).
Please advise if you wish to attend as early as possible to avoid disappointment. There are no costs involved. 
Please contact
Richard Arnold at    or
Robin Green at 

Heartwize 10th October 2017 at Harlestone

The Rotary Club of Northampton West together with Heartwize

are hosting CPR training at Harlestone Village Institute

 10th October 2017 at 19.00hrs

Residents from Harlestone and Church and Chapel Brampton are invited together with the Scouts and Daisy Chain but we are restricted to training 30 but anyone is welcome to attend and see how it is done.
Other training sessions could follow if there is sufficient interest.
Note Harlestone are having 3 defibrillators sited in the village and Church Brampton is having one located in the phone box on the Holdenby Road (Funded by a  legacy from the late Rotarian Trevor Chown).
Please advise if you wish to attend as early as possible to avoid disappointment. There are no costs involved.
Please contact
Richard Arnold at rma999    or
Robin Green at
We look forward to meeting you there and show you what Rotary is doing in the community.
Trevor George
President of the Rotary Club of Northampton West
Perhaps you have not heard of Heartwize so we attach two links to see who they are and what they do

Harlestone Firs from 29th August

Visitors to Harlestone Firs are advised that routine thinning and felling operations are taking
place from 29th August 2017 for at least three weeks. The operations form part of the
Althorp Estate’s long term woodland management plan, agreed with the Forestry
The work involves felling small areas of trees before replanting with native broadleaves.
Thinning works involve removing proportions of trees from young plantations, providing more
room and light for them to grow.
This work involves the use of forest machinery and members of the public are asked to
ensure that they keep well away from all forest operations and to be aware of vehicle
movements at all times please.
Any questions should be directed to the Estate Office on 01604 770006.
We are grateful for your co-operation.

The Althorp Estate


Health Walk August Newsletter

Hope this email finds you well on this dry August afternoon.
Please find attached this month’s newsletter, I wish you all a wonderful month and happy walking.
Many thanks


Melanie Bland  | Community Sports Development Manager
Daventry Leisure Centre
Everyone Active



The 3 Defibrillators are now in their temporary locations

1. HVI – Kitchen area (999 for access code) – 24hrs
2. Wyevale Garden Centre – Main Office – 9:00 to 18:00
3. Fox & Hounds Pub – Main Office – 9:00 to 23:30
Managers and staff are aware of the Defib units and are prepared to attend our next training sessions