Your Councillors

Harlestone Parish Councillors
As of  14th May 2018

Committee Contacts & Councillor roles

Harlestone Parish Council Chairman

Cllr Russ Francis

Environment & Safety Committee Chairman

Cllr Tim Cross

Playing Field Sub-Committee Chairman

Cllr Toni Perryman

Local Planning & Conservation

Cllr Sarah Stock

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr Russ Francis, Sarah Stock (Joint chair), Cllr Ken Waller and Jenny Cross

Speed Watch, Road Safety, Police Volunteer on Horseback

Cllr Toni Perryman

Communications & Website

Cllr Sarah Stock

Major Development

Cllr Ken Waller

Local Business & Annual Village Meeting Coordinator

Cllr Suzie Holland

Staffing Committee Chairman

Cllr Ken Waller

Althorp Liaison & FaceBook Notifications

Exec Officer – Paul Thomas

Harlestone Hound Newsletter

Cllr Sarah Stock and Sarah Gyde

Single Point of Contact for PCSO

Cllr Sue Flynn

Harlestone Manor Liaison

Cllr Chantelle Denny